A Midsummer Night’s Dream, 2014
HD Stereoscopic video, 4’58”
Light box, photo, 13x10cm

film still, 2014

Shot in stereoscopic technique, this video re-enacts a dream recounted by metal worker Stanoje Ćebić, a counter-iconic figure in SFR Yugoslavia, in a radio drama diffused on Radio Belgrade in 1981. It features Ćebić’s voice evoking a dream, he supposedly had while sleeping on a park bench during a summer night. His tale satirically suggests a way to subvert the government from the perspective of the working class. Along with the original soundtrack, night shots of oneirically illuminated, gently moving branches translate the migration of utopia in the realm of dreams. The video also refers to a photograph from Ćebić’s archive, portraying him as he sleeps on a bench of a public park.

Camera: Torsten Schimmer
Editing: Branka Pavlović, Dejan Marković
Stereoscopic Editing: tectum Berlin
Narrator: Stanoje Cebić
Excerpt from the radio drama ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Stanoje Ćebić’ Radio Belgrade, 1981


©2018 Dejan Marković