Donna Haraway Reads
‘The National Geographic’ on Primates, 1987

Paper Tiger Television Series #126 © PTTV
Video, colour, sound, with German subtitle,
28 min

The video by Paper Tiger Television from the year 1987 was digitised in May 2017 and was, for the first time, subtitled in German language. PTTV is an open, non-profit, video collective of artists, activists and scholars that has used television as a medium since 1981, combining art, science, politics, performance and live television. ‘How does the “cultured” gorilla, i.e. Koko, come to represent universal man? Author and cultural critic Donna Haraway untangles the web of meanings, tracing what gets to count as nature, for whom and when, and how much it costs to produce nature at a particular moment in history for a particular group of people. A feminist journey through the anthropological junglescape. Haraway is a leading thinker about people’s love and hate relationship with machines. Her ideas have sparked an explosion of debate in areas as diverse as primatology, philosophy and development biology.’

Exhibition view, Studio of the New Gallery Graz, 2018

©2018 Dejan Marković