I never stopped loving you, 2016
Performance, installation

Exhibition view, 56th October Salon Belgrade, 2016

For ‘The Pleasure of Love’ exhibition, I will invite a social group who specifically deals with emotions as a basic media of self-expression and -definition. Within the sports field, fans create and participate in mass choreographies, articulating both support and criticism through pathos. Their invitation to the exhibition will change the premises of their long-lasting experience in developing audio-visual performances far off the art institutions. Under these changed contextual premises, the invited group will develop a site specific choreography aimed at exposing the audience to a strong affective transfer. Hence, the displacement of a sports performance within the exhibition shall trigger a reflection on today’s strategies of affirmation, criticism and transformation within the arts. The work entitled I never stopped loving you comprehends both an installation witnessing the two-month working process and a group choreography, which will be performed three times during the Salon.

Contributors: Nikola Obradovic, Lovrić Ivan, Dzekson, Nehru, Lidija Andonov, Marina Bogojević, Mirjana Jelić, Jasna Kinđić, Uroš Mladenović, Marija Mihajlović, Kosa Pantović, Sanja Ristić, Tanja Ristić, Ivan Tomić, Cola Veljković, Djordje Živadinović Grgur.

Exhibition view, 56th October Salon Belgrade, 2016 © Boris Burić / Dejan Marković

©2018 Dejan Marković