Ideological Void: Ernst Schneller
Schöneweide, Berlin 2014
Sugar mix, paint, plinth, metal letters,
wall relief, plants, 1500 x 450 x 340 cm

In 1974 a portrait bust was unveiled in front of the culture centre “Ernst Schneller” in the Treptow neighbourhood. It was developed by sculptor Ernst Löber in bronze, and depicts Ernst Schneller in a larger than life scale. The portrait was in harmony with the wall design behind it, which featured a flag of red bricks and a wall inscription which read ‘Ernst Schneller 1890-1944.’ The cultural centre was closed in 1990, and the bust was removed shortly therea-fter. Twenty-five years later there remains a derelict site – the wall and a part of the plinth are spray-painted, the area is overgrown and the former building of the culture centre is sold to a Luxemburg-based company in London.

> Sava Kovacevic

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