two hour tabula rasa, 2018
oil painting, wooden frame, air-conditioned box, thermal insulation glass, security guard, two surveillance cameras, air conditioning unit, three museum-LED bulbs, video, text, artist book

Exhibition view, Remont Gallery Belgrade, 2018

The intervention two-hour tabula rasa – aimed at reinserting Mangelos’s claim for anti-art within the institutional framework of the competition – allowed me to juxtapose the musealization – and neutralization – of his generation’s resistance with the position of young artists struggling to succeed in today’s precarious and competitive economy. The four-week long production process involved a research on Mangelos, a search for a masterpiece and negotiations for its loan from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade, aswell as its installation, exhibition and dismantling in the Remont Gallery.

Exhibited for two hours only, the original art piece produced two opposite situations, marked by its presence and its absence, impacting the gallery’s temperature, light and security conditions and thus whimsically affecting the economic and symbolic capital of the finalists’ exhibition on site. At a time of seemingly unprecedented global inclusivity, exhibiting Mangelos called attention to the ongoing commodification of the positions of resistance, as well as to the ubiquitous dynamics of constant (de-)valuation artists are confronted with in the art field.

The work „Tabula rasa“ by D.B.Mangelos was kindly loaned by Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade.

Exhibition view, Remont Gallery Belgrade, 2018 © Milutin Marković / Milan Kralj / Boris Burić / Dejan Marković

©2018 Dejan Marković