two hour tabula rasa, 2018
oil painting, wooden frame, air-conditioned box, thermal insulation glass, security guard, two surveillance cameras, air conditioning unit, three museum-LED bulbs, video, text, artist book

Exhibition view, Remont Gallery Belgrade, 2018

At the exhibition of the finalists of the "Mangelos - Young Visual Artist Award", Dejan Marković exhibited the work of Dimitrije Bašičević Mangelos realised before his 35th year. For the first time in the same exhibition space together with the artists who have competed under his name since 2002, Mangelo's original work was displayed for two hours. The oil on the hardwood named „Tabula rasa“ was dated in the period between 1951-1956, which the artist declared to be his fifth phase of life, significant due to the crisis of the completion of his doctoral work in the History of art, his active engagement in art criticism and publishing and active work in the cultural institutions, but also for his questioning of the established artistic narratives. Through his exhibiting activities begun in his late forties, this amateurish work retroactively becomes an important artwork. Markovic's work two-hour tabula rasa deals with the reflection of historical narratives and the questioning of the art system, art institution and art market and the linking of the artist’s intention, the artwork and the site itself where the the competion for a better artistic future plays out.

The work „Tabula rasa“ by D.B.Mangelos was kindly loaned by Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade.

Exhibition view, Remont Gallery Belgrade, 2018 © Milutin Marković / Milan Kralj / Boris Burić / Dejan Marković

©2018 Dejan Marković