What is Outside?, 2014-2015
International open art competition
for 10 site-specific art works in / around Berlin Underground stations on the U5 line between Tierpark and Hönow

Flyer image, Kaulsdorf Nord Metro Station Berlin, 2014

In collaboration with Jochen Becker, Eva Hertzsch, Uwe Jonas, Folke Köbberling, Andromachi Marinou-Strohm, Adam Page,
Birgit Schlieps

Installation view, Ina Wudke: Wer war Albert Norden, Klausdorf Nord Berlin, 2014

Sub-urbanisation is well under way: in the front a new housing development, at the back a wasteland, in-between warehouses, road and rail routes, then shopping centres next to parks and right at the back housing estates across decades and carpets of single family homes, kept apart by a bit of woodland. Suburbia is becoming “complete” as a place. Planners call what results a “polycentrical total place” or an “in-between city” (“Zwischenstadt”, Thomas Sieverts). Back-offices, airports, leisure industry facilities, logistic hubs, villas and detached housing spread themselves out further than their city’s boundaries can confine them.

Action: Grund&Boden, Art in the Underground Berlin, 2014

With projects by Roland Boden, Susanne v. Bülow & Ruppe Koselleck, Andreas Maria Fohr, Ulrike Gärtner & Carsten Ludwig, Christina M. Heinen, AG Hellersdorfer Illustrierte, Mari Keski-Korsu, Petra Spielhagen, Mirko Winkel and Ina Wudtke.

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Exhibition view, events, Art in the Underground Berlin, 2014-2015 © AG Kunst im Untergrund

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